How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone

How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone: Full Guide

The iPhone has come a long way since its launch in 2007. Some of the features have come and gone, but iMessage has been a staple on iPhone ever since its release. Not only is it a great messaging app, but contacts can also even play games on iMessage. If you’re wondering how to play iMessage games, we’ve compiled all the information you need in this article.

Follow These Steps To Start Playing iMessage Games

The games extension for iMessage is preinstalled on all iPhones, which means you probably already have access to the games, so all that’s left is to download a chosen game and start playing. Here are our detailed instructions:

First, Download Your Preferred Game

  • Open the iMessage app on your device.
  • Find the contact you want to play games with, either by tapping in their contact name or scrolling to their conversation.
  • Bring up the keyboard by tapping on the message text area (where it says “iMessage”).
  • Scroll horizontally until you reach the App Store icon. You will see a list of iMessage extensions from the App Store and no other apps.
  •  Scroll through the App store extensions until you reach a section titled “iMessage Games We Love.”
  • To see all available games, tap on the “See all” button,
  • Now that you have all the games available for download on iMessage browse them and choose your favorite. We’ve provided a list of our favorite games below, in case you’re not sure which one to choose.
  • Tap the “Get” button next to the icon for the game you wish to download.
  • Leave the App Store and return to your conversation on iMessage using the “X” icon on the top-right.

Now You Can Start Playing Your Downloaded Game

  • When you bring up your keyboard in a conversation with your friend, you can scroll to your downloaded game and tap on it to start the game.
  • Your game can be customized, and iMessage will send it to your contact the same way a photo gets sent.
  • A “delivered” sign should show up when your contact receives the message.
  • Tap the sent game photo to start playing your turn.
  • After you’ve finished a round, your contact will be given a turn. You must wait for them to finish before you get a chance to play your turn again.
  • Go ahead and close the iMessage app if you need to because you’ll receive a notification when your turn is up – in the form of a message with a preview of the game.
  • When you win the overall game, you can choose to replay by tapping “Again.” Otherwise, you can invite them to play all over again by repeating the steps above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do iMessage games cost?

Most iMessage games are free to play. However, note that some of the games may have in-app purchases that you can pay for through the App Store.

How long do the games last?

This varies between games, so we can’t give a direct answer. Some will have shorter rounds, but to win, you may need to complete more rounds. Others might have rounds that last longer. Try out different games to see the type you prefer.

How do I delete a downloaded game?

If you ever come across a game you don’t like, you will probably want to delete it. These are the steps to delete an iMessage game:

  • Open iMessage
  • Tap on an iMessage conversation (one that is between you and another iPhone user)
  • Tap the App icon
  • Scroll to the left until you can find the “more” icon
  • Select “more.” You will be presented with your installed app extensions.
  • Select the game app you wish to delete and swipe left.
  • Tap “delete,” the game will be uninstalled.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Playing iMessage Games?

All you really need is for your iPhone to be updated to iOS 11 (or higher). As that release has been available since 2017, we doubt many people will have iPhones with older iOS versions. Of course, you also need a friend with an iPhone who is willing to play with you.

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