Top Weight Loss Apps for Android and iOS

Top Weight Loss Apps for Android and iOS

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle, coupled with the abundance of processed foods and gluttonous eating habits have turned obesity into one of the most prevalent global public health concerns, especially since it brings with it a host of other diseases and disorders, significantly lowering life expectancy and quality of life, while also overwhelming public healthcare systems across the world.

Even if you aren’t obese, chances are that your body is far from its ideal fitness and shape, but if you have the intent and will to make changes to your lifestyle, the internet is filled with resources to help you out, leaving just laziness and complacency to hold you back.

If you are serious about making a change to get your health on track, there is no better time to get started, with a plethora of apps and services at your disposal to track, optimize and guide you towards your health and fitness goals, there’s never been a better time to work towards a leaner, fitter body.

Having a personal coach in the form of an app that works on your smartphone can give you the guidance, motivation, and discipline you need to stay on track. Whether you want help logging meals, tracking calories, or workouts, there are several powerful apps for Android and iOS smartphones loaded with features to make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable.

Weight loss apps can be incredibly helpful at monitoring you’re eating habits, workout programs, and health metrics. There are hundreds of options to choose from, though all of them don’t work the same way. It is important to pick the right one to get the desired results.

Here is a list of the best weight loss apps for iOS and Android in the market. These apps will not only help you achieve your nutrition goals but also get the most out of your workouts.


Available On Android & iOS

An excellent weight loss app for iOS and Android users, MyFitnessPal is a fast and easy tool that helps accomplish diet and fitness goals. You just need to input simple details like your weight, age, sex, and height and it instantly prepares a diet and activity plan you can follow to lose weight.

The app gives you all the information about how much you should eat every day to be healthy. You simply need to record what you consume on a daily basis and the app updates the chart. It has a database of more than 11 million food items. Logging an item is easy with the ability of scanning barcodes.

MyFitnessPal calculates the calories in your recipes, foods, and meals accurately. It also gives the option to import the nutrition info for a recipe you are cooking. It updates the suggestions based on your daily activity and aims to keep you fit. It has a record of giving effective weight loss results and has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.


Available On Android & iOS

Another powerful weight loss app for iPhone users, FoodPrint helps you stay fit by preparing diet plans. It asks you to enter your details like weight and height and your weight loss goals. It then creates a personalized plan for you. Based on what you eat every day, it displays how many calories you need to burn and consume to reach your goal.

FoodPrint allows capturing the pictures of food and automatically uploads the details to your diary. Adding your meal to the app is pretty straightforward. The app also keeps track of your daily calorie intake and macros and ensures that you take sufficient fiber. It also encourages you to do at least 30 minutes of workout every day. The app also allows you to keep a log of your medications, sleep, and workouts.

This app is currently available for iOS & Android for free download. It syncs the data with other devices like Fitbit, Garmin, and Oura to let you make the most out of your health info. It also prepares a shopping list containing items you need based on your weight loss goals. You can also share your progress with others on social media right from the app.


Available On Android & iOS

A one-stop destination for weight loss, Sworkit provides you all the no-equipment workouts you need to power your fitness goals. There are several cardio and bodyweight workouts, stretching, and yoga. It works as a personal trainer and offers personalized programs for your goals. It makes it simple to work out from home with an option to choose a convenient time.

Sworkit helps you achieve consistent results with easy workout plans based on your weight loss goals. It offers more than 800 exercises and 400 workouts that require no gym or equipment. It is free to download on iPhone and Android.

Lose It

Available On Android & iOS

Another simple calorie tracker comes from Lose It that offers clear exercise ideas and diet plans. Like other weight loss apps, you first enter your goals, and the app helps you achieve them with customized programs. This app also allows you to share and brag about your achievements to others.

Lose It gives suggestions for the number of calories you should consume, the number of hours you should sleep, and much more. It has an extensive database of over 27 million food items that you can search from. The app tracks your diet and workout to keep you on track and keeps you on the top of your calorie, macro, and carb intake to help you reach your goals.

You can find a bar code scanner that makes it easy to enter food data quickly through your camera. The app also lets you set up various challenges, regarding your diet, weight loss, and exercises to keep you motivated. You also get personalized insights and recommendations to stay on the right path.


Available On Android & iOS

As the name suggests, this weight loss app helps you with your hydration goals. Drinking enough water is one of the most important requirements for energy and weight loss. With this app, you can log the number of times you drink water, and it displays the consumption per day, week, and year in the form of graphs.

Waterlogged lets you set reminders for drinking water so that you stay hydrated all day. The app integrates with Fitbit, Apple Health, and other weight tracking and fitness tools. It can be downloaded and used for free on Android and iOS.


Available On Android & iOS

Noom is a weight-loss app for iOS and Android that works differently. It identifies the overeating patterns with some self-paced mini-courses designed to affect your attitude and habits associated with food. The app follows an approach developed by nutritionists, physiologists, and personal trainers.

The app includes useful features like personalized coaching, food logging, group support, healthy recipes, and interactive lessons. As claimed by the app, members lose 18 pounds in 16 weeks on average and more than 85% of users succeed at weight management.

Monitor Your Weight

Available On Android & iOS

A highly comprehensive, award-winning weight loss app that provides an array of stats on your weight and fitness. Monitor Your Weight makes it easy to track your weight loss progress. It is free to download on iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones and provides graphs and charts to keep track of your BMI, weight, gains and losses, and more.

The app allows creating multiple profiles and calculates your ideal weight based on your body frame, height, age, and gender along with a time to reach the goal. It also offers several advanced features including the integration with apps and devices via Bluetooth or cloud. You can sync the data across multiple iOS and Android devices so that you can access it from anywhere, at any time.

Happy Scale

Available On iOS

Happy Scale is another innovative app that brings something new to the mix. It uses a complex algorithm to give you meaningful insights into how quickly you lose weight and how fast you will achieve your weight goals. It is a simple yet powerful tool that predicts what your weight will be in the future if you follow the current trends.

The app syncs between multiple devices so that you can stay updated on your progress from anywhere. It also syncs with Apple Health and other weight tracking apps. You can also password-protect your information in the app. It works by throwing positive light on your actual progress regardless of what your scale shows.

Weight Watchers

Available On Android & iOS

One of the most popular weight loss brands in the world, Weight Watchers offers an app for iOS and Android. The app is designed to adopt a holistic approach to sleep, nutrition, mindset, and activity. It offers a detailed assessment of your preferences and eating habits and gives you a custom weight loss plan.

WW helps you introduce healthy eating choices into your life and provides diet plans to cut down on calories. You can use the barcode scanner to enter food and search from more than 300,000 items in its database. It gives you access to hundreds of simple, no-equipment workout options and even allows syncing with your fitness devices.

Some of the most useful features of the app include progress reports, weekly check-in, sleep tracking, weight tracking, and water tracking. Subscription to the paid version gives access to an online community, 24/7 live coaching, wellness rewards program, and additional food, weight, and activity tracking.


Available On Android & iOS

A reliable and comprehensive nutrition tracking app for smartphones, Cronometer facilitates discovering nutrition and achieving weight loss goals. The free app hosts a vast database of nutritional information and tracks more than 80 micronutrients. You can use the app to log your foods and workout routine, scan food labels and track your water intake.

Chronometer offers a barcode scanner to let you enter your food details easily. It also allows tracking the calories, carbs, protein, nutrients, and cholesterol in your everyday food and recipes. It even facilitates syncing data about activity and nutrition with external devices like Garmin and Fitbit.

This weight loss app supports BMI, intermittent fasting, fat percentage, and displays reports and nutrition trends over time. It is free to use on both iOS and Android and is even available in an ad-free version for an affordable price. The Gold version offers premium features like food suggestions, custom diaries, biometrics, and charts.


Available On Android & iOS

This health and nutrition tracker aims to offer free diet and health tips, monitor calories and the quality of the food you consume, and give support and encouragement from other users. What makes this app special is the in-depth analysis of the quality of ingredients in your food and the recommendations based on this information.

Fooducate allows scanning food labels to analyze nutrition facts and ingredients to give you information about artificial sweeteners, added sugars, food colorings, MSG, preservatives, and additives. The database includes over 250,000 items with their nutrition grade. You also get nutrition and health tips from experts.

The most impressive feature of the app is the ability to scan the nutrition label using the phone’s camera and find out whether the food is healthy. While the app is free for Android and iOS platforms, you can upgrade to the premium version to enjoy additional features like information about gluten, GMOs, allergies, and strict diets.


Available On Android & iOS

FatSecret offers a Calorie Counter app that helps track diet and count calories for effective weight loss. The application is designed to keep track of your weight, food, and exercise using a highly comprehensive database of food and nutrition.

You can scan the barcode of various food items you eat to get information about their nutrition. You also get an easy-to-use food diary to plan and track your meals, a diet calendar to see how many calories you consume and burn, and detailed reports for your calories and nutrition. A photo album and journal help record your progress as well.

The tool integrates with third-party devices and services like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung Health and syncs with Fatsecret Professional for your performance monitoring, feedback, and advice. You also get access to an online community where you can find tips, answers, and motivation.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android and also offers an option to subscribe to premium service to enjoy additional features like personalized diet plans from dieticians for different types of diet programs.

Bottom line

These are the 12 best weight loss apps for Android and iOS you can use to keep yourself fit and achieve the desired weight. These apps help you track your food and exercise to keep you on track.

They also come with customized plans and recommendations so you can achieve your goals easily. Choose the one that matches your goals and preferences and make your smartphone your personal trainer!

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